Work-Study-Travel MBA Scholarship at Netherlands Business School 2020

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Why participate?

Benefits for your institution
The Orange Knowledge Programme gives you the opportunity to create an international classroom where students and staff can learn from each other. It also allows you to create sustainable professional partnerships with organisations in Orange Knowledge countries.
Expenses covered
As an education institution you get a fixed reimbursement, which includes visa, travel and insurance costs, study materials and a handling fee. It also includes 95% of tuition fees for each selected student. You cover the remaining 5% of the tuition fee yourself.
Participation criteria

Which institutions can participate?
Your organisation can participate if it:
• has signed the Code of Conduct international students, or is included in the list of additional knowledge centres;
• will deliver the course itself; intermediary organisations cannot participate;
• has sufficient organisational and financial means.
What are the course criteria?
The courses need to meet the following criteria:
• The maximum duration for master’s programmes is 24 months.
• The duration of short courses should be between 12 – 365 days.
• All courses must end on or before 31 August 2022.
• The course or programme should be full-time (this does not apply to e-learning courses).
• The course or programme needs to take place either in the Netherlands or needs to be carried out by a Dutch institution in an OKP country.
• The course or programme needs to be taught in English, French or Spanish.
• Master’s programmes need to be accredited.
In addition, the start date of the course or programme needs to be within a specified period; this varies per grant application round:
• Round 1 – for all masters and short courses
Both masters and short courses should start between 28 July and 23 November 2020.
• Round 2 – for 1-year masters and short courses
Masters should start between 24 November – 27 July 2021 and have a maximum duration of 1 year, Short coures should start between 24 November – 22 February 2021.
• Round 3 – short courses only
Courses should start between 23 February – 27 July 2021.
What is your role in the scholarship programme?
As an education institution you are responsible for all communication and administration for the scholarship programme. This means that you need to provide students with all the information and relevant documents:
Documents for scholarships – Orange Knowledge
Also, you are responsible for distributing the application link to candidates (see “process step-by-step”).
As an education institution you are the ‘grant recipient’. You are responsible for paying the selected individual scholarship holders.
You can find all the details of your responsibilities in the grant conditions:
Grant obligations and conditions for individual scholarships (528.0 kB)
Country budget and candidates

What is the budget?
The maximum total budget for Round 1 – 2020 is € 14,715,000 for master’s scholarships and € 4,238,000 for short course scholarships.
For this round the following budget division applies:
• Full programme countries: 55%
• Compact Plus programme countries: 30%
• Compact programme countries: 15%
See an overview of the countries per category.
When a new application round opens, we will specify on this page what the budget and division is for that round.
Which candidates can you nominate?
The scholarships are open to mid-career professionals who are nationals of – and living and working in – the countries participating in the Orange Knowledge Programme.
You can find the number of candidates you are allowed to nominate in Delta after the opening of the application round. The number of nominations is based on the following criteria:
• the available grant budget for the application round;
• the available grant budget for each country category;
• the average costs of a scholarship;
• the number of scholarships that were awarded to an institution in previous application rounds.

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