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Questions on Topics in General Microbiology

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  1. Succinctly explain the term metabolism.
  2. What is a metabolic pathway?
  3. Differentiate between catabolism and anabolism.
  4. Explain the significance of glycolytic pathway and Kreb cycle in living systems.


  1. How do autotrophs differ from heterotrophs?
  2. Explain the terms lithotrophs and organotrophs with examples of bacteria that utilizes      these route to obtain their energy.
  3. X-ray microbial taxonomy, giving a brief description of microbial classification,      nomenclature and identification.
  4. Describe algae and explain how it differs from the other groups of microorganisms.


  1. Briefly enumerate and explain the economic significance of algae.
  2. Explain in details how Gram positive bacteria differ from Gram negative bacteria.
  3. Outline and explain any five (5) cell components of bacteria that you know.
  4. Peptidoglycan is a key component of bacterial cell wall, and it contains NAG and      NAM. What does the acronym NAG and NAM stand for in relation to bacterial cell      wall?


  1. What is the mechanism of action of ethylene oxide (EtO) gas as a sterilizing gas.
  2. Explain in details two techniques that can be used to control microbial growth in the      environment or in a product.
  3. What is mutation?
  4. Briefly describe spontaneous mutation and induced mutation.


  1. Microbes contain plasmids that harbour genetic elements vital to the organism. Explain      in details two mechanisms through which bacterial plasmids can be transferred from      one organism to another.
  2. Explain the term lichen; and mention the producer and consumer in this type of      microbial association.
  3. Mention the causative agents of toxoplasmosis and American trypanosomiasis.
  4. Enumerate the five (5) species of Plasmodium that you were taught.

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