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Questions on Technology of Alcoholic & Non-Alcoholic Beverages

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  1. Succinctly enumerate and describe briefly the significance of any four ingredients of carbonated soft drinks
  2. How does a carbonated drink differ from non-carbonated drink?
  3. Outline five importance of carbondioxide (CO2) gas in carbonated soft drinks.
  4. Pectinase is vital to the production of fruit juice. Outline 4 reasons of using this enzyme for fruit juice production and mention one microbe it can be naturally sourced from.
  5. What is the full meaning of the acronym “GRAS”? Mention one example of microbe in this category.
  6. How does carbonation differ from clarification?
  7. Briefly describe the significance of caffeine, tannins and essential oils in tea.
  8. Mention the two major species of the coffea plant and state the biological name of the tea plant.
  9. What are the reasons why European drinks are more preferred to African indigenous drinks?
  10. Flavouring agents used for the production of soft drinks must meet certain criteria. Outline 5 of these properties.




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