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Questions on Molecular Aspects of Bacterial Virulence

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  1. Highlight the major function of bacterial cell wall.
  2. How does a Gram negative cell wall differ from a Gram positive cell wall?
  3. Outline the major components involved in the formation of the peptidoglycan layer.
  4. What is the full meaning of the acronym PBP?
  5. Outline and succinctly explain any five (5) virulence factors that promote the pathogenicity of a bacterial or microbial pathogen.
  6. Write a short note of not more than five sentences on the following terms: (a) virulence, (b) pathogenicity (c) invasiveness (d) toxigenesis (e)colonization
  7. Using a suitable example, succinctly define and explain the role of fomites in the transmission of infectious disease agents.
  8. What is a biofilm?
  9. Succinctly explain the medical and industrial demerits of biofilms.
  10. What is passaging as it relates to cell culture techniques?
  11. Outline and briefly describe the 3 types of cell culture that you were taught.
  12. List and explain any four (4) areas that cell culture techniques can be applied.

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