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Questions on FOOD Microbiology 2

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  1. Describe how the following factors contribute to microbial colonization and spoilage of foods. A. Intrinsic factors. B. Implicit factors. C. Extrinsic factors.
  2. Explain in details the meaning of microbial infection and intoxication.
  3. Describe the steps taken to control food quality from the raw material stage through the production stages to the final product.
  4. Describe the roles of named microbial enzymes in food processing and production.
  5. Explain the production of four indigenous fermented foods and the roles of microorganisms in the process.
  6. Give the detailed chemistry of named foods and the role of microorganisms in their colonization.
  7. Explain in details the general mechanisms and principles of food spoilage.
  8. Explain with diagrams large scale processing techniques of named foods and the roles of microorganisms in the process.
  9. Explain the meaning of microbial food spoilage.
  10. Why is it necessary to control microbial food spoilage?

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