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Questions on Concepts of Infectious Diseases Epidemiology

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  1. Elaborate on the significance of measures of central tendency as it relates to epidemiological studies.
  2. Succinctly describe data and its significance in epidemiology; while enumerating the various forms or formats in which data can be graphically represented for interpretation.
  3. Draw the epidemiological triad and briefly describe how the disease agent, the host, and the environment contribute to disease development.
  4. Write a short note on the following terms: virulence, pathogenicity, reservoir, disease vectors, and incubation period of a disease.
  5. Using suitable examples write a short note on variables as it relates to the study of epidemiology.
  6. Briefly describe the meaning of the following terms: epidemic, endemic, pandemic, mortality and morbidty.
  7. Define placebo, and describe briefly its significance in carrying out epidemiological studies.

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