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Questions on Advances in Epidemiology 2

  1. Succinctly explain the term epidemiology; and discuss its significance in the containment of infectious diseases
  2. What is a placebo?
  3. In vitro studies, clinical trials and field studies are types of experimental epidemiological studies used for studying disease outbreak. Briefly explain these 3 terms.
  4. Enumerate any five steps involved in carrying out descriptive epidemiological studies.
  5. Cholera outbreak was reported in Ezza L.G.A (with a population of 200 people) some few weeks ago. The disease outbreak has caused some morbidity and mortality amongst the populace of that community and the disease does not seem to have abated. A total of 20 persons was infected and diagnosed with the disease. As an epidemiologist in the making, calculate the prevalence rate of cholera in Ezza L.G.A.
  6. How does TIME, PERSON, and PLACE affect the occurrence and distribution of a disease in a community.
  7. Briefly explain the terms: cross-sectional studies, case reports and case series as they relate to epidemiological studies.
  8. X-ray the significance of a scientific report in the containment of disease outbreak.
  9. How does incidence differ from prevalence?
  10. As an epidemiologist, mention the terms used to define the number of people who died from a particular disease and the number of people infected by the disease.
  11. Infectious diseases do not just happen. They are caused by some factors that have to do with the host and its environment. Enumerate any five of these factors.
  12. Explain the term “RISK” as it relates to disease outbreak.
  13. Genetic diseases are heritable diseases not caused by an infectious agent but transmitted from parents to their offspring’s over some period of time. And genetic epidemiology seeks to help us understand these diseases. What do you think is the major aim of genetic epidemiology?
  14. In Izzi L.G.A. (with a population of 3000 people), 30 new cases of salmonellosis was reported in the area. As an epidemiologist in the making, calculate the incidence rate of salmonellosis.

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