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Questions in cell culture

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  • What is cell culture and passaging?
  • Describe the different type of cell culture techniques.
  • Explain how cells for cell culture techniques can be obtained or procured.
  • Explain the term cell line with examples.
  • The hood is critical for cell culture techniques. Explain.
  • What are the merits and demerits of cell culture techniques?
  • Explain the use of antibiotics in some cell culture techniques.
  • Mention the ways of preventing contamination during cell culture experiments.
  • X-ray the continued use of animals for biomedical/medical research despite the availability of cell culture techniques.
  • Explain the 3R’s guiding the use of animals for biomedical research.
  • Define and explain the phrases: explants, explantation and cytotoxicity?
  • X-ray the different physicochemical environmental factors that affect cell culture techniques.
  • Enumerate the reasons for performing cell culture.
  • Succinctly describe HeLa
  • Enumerate the different ways of obtaining cell lines for carrying out cell culture technique.
  • What is the meaning of the acronym “CHO” as it relates to cell lines?
  • Highlight on the importance of the hood or biosafety cabinet in cell culture technique.
  • Why are inverted microscopes preferred in cell culture techniques to other types of microscopes?
  • Explain the function of haemocytometer and centrifuge in cell culture techniques.
  • Write a short note on the application of cell culture in any areas of your choice.
  • What is vivisection?
  • What does the acronym RPMI and DMEM stand for?
  • Enumerate the components of RPMI 1640 medium.
  • Outline the procedure for preparing cell culture medium.
  • What are the reasons for checking cells under the microscope.
  • Enumerate the procedure of resuscitating a frozen cell culture line

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