Street Smart Book Smart

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Life is a teacher, and the best teacher there is. All you need, to become successful is just a little bit of discipline on your part. Walk away from the 90 % of the majority who are barely succeeding; and commit yourself to do what the successful 10 % are doing and you will be successful. This book will open your mind to knowing these things. In the absence of light, darkness sets in; and if you wait too long before you start and go out there to hunt for your goals and dreams in life, sooner or later the weeds will take over your garden (mind) and you will end up miserable. To get to the top you must do the work; drifting or wandering cannot take you there. Whatever it will take for you to achieve your goals and dreams in life (many of which this book will help you to know), just make sure to reach and go for it, don’t hesitate.

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