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Microbial growth questions

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  • Define “growth” in the context of microorganisms.
  • What is binary fission?
  • Define doubling time.
  • What is batch culture?
  • What is a continuous culture?
  • Briefly explain a chemostat.
  • Define turbidity.
  • Explain in details the microbial growth curve.
  • Enumerate four methods of determining microbial cell numbers.
  • What is the significance of spectrophotometer in determining microbial cell mass?
  • Differentiate between viable cell count and total cell count.
  • What is optical density (OD)?
  • Diagrammatically illustrate the growth curve of bacteria.
  • How can microbial cell mass be enumerated?
  • Mathematically illustrate the formular for calculating optical density (OD).
  • What is turbidometry and spectrophotometry?
  • Which instrument is routinely used to measure viable cell numbers of microbes in samples?
  • How can viral cells be enumerated in a sample?
  • When is a bacterium defined as “dead”?
  • What are the basic parameters measured and used to determine microbial growth.

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