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Microbiology Lab safety questions

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  • What is safety?
  • Succinctly explain the significance of safety in the microbiology laboratory.
  • Mention 5 precautionary measures to observe when working in the microbiology laboratory.
  • What is the significance of “hand washing technique” in the microbiology laboratory?
  • What is an aerosol?
  • Mention the factors upon which an organisms hazard containment level or group is based.
  • List and explain the various ways in which microorganisms can be classified based on hazards and their containment.
  • Explain briefly the significance of the sample collection unit of the clinical microbiology laboratory.
  • What is a specimen?
  • What is the significance of Amies Transport Swab in specimen collection?
  • Define aseptic technique.
  • Elucidate on the procedure of collecting venous blood from a patient.
  • Why is sputum the most proffered specimen to saliva when collecting sample for clinical examination of a patient with upper or lower respiratory tract infection?
  • Describe the significance of laminar flow biological safety cabinet (hood) in the microbiology laboratory.
  • What are personal protective equipment (PPE)?
  • Enumerate 5 personal protective equipment used in the microbiology laboratory or hospital as a containment measure against the spread and contamination of pathogens.
  • What is a downing gown used for?
  • Succinctly explain the term containment as it relates to the control and prevention of infectious diseases.
  • Briefly describe good laboratory practice (GLP).
  • What is the major aim of GLP?
  • What is the significance of charcoal in the Amies transport swab medium?
  • Enumerate seven sites in the human body where clinical samples for laboratory or microbiological investigations can be collected from.
  • Mention two anticoagulants that are significant in the collection of blood samples, and explain their main function in blood samples.
  • When and why is urine sample and semen sample requested from a patient?
  • A sick woman visited a medical health center and upon diagnosis, the clinical diagnosis show chest pain and productive cough. The cough was purulent and contains blood. As a microbiologist in the making, which sample will you suggest to be collected for microbiological investigations? Explain your reason/answer.

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