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Some of the basic precautions observed in vaccine usage are highlighted in this section. To ensure safety and efficacy of the vaccines being used for vaccination, it is vital to imbibe these safety measures o avoid predicament that may arise from vaccine usage.

  Do not administer vaccine if a child is sick or has fever.

  • Shake vaccine vials well to obtain a uniform, homogenous suspension prior to its actual administration into the body.
  • Do not use the vaccine if the suspension cannot be re suspended upon usage.
  • Store vaccine vials and syringes in the refrigerator at 2oC – 8oC, and as recommended.
  • Vaccines should not be frozen. And frozen vaccines should not be used for vaccination purposes but should be discarded.
  • Rotate the vaccine vial or syringe in the palm to bring it to room temperature before administration.
  • Spent and expired vaccine vials should be properly discarded according to the local waste management guidelines.


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