Food & Soil Microbiology Textbooks

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Modern Food Microbiology 6th ed

Modern Food Microbiology-7th-ed

Modern Food Microbiology TEXTBOOK

Methods in Food Microbiology TEXTBOOK

Applied Dairy Microbiology, Second Edition – Elmer H. Marth

Food and Industrial Microbiology

Direct-Fed Microbials and Prebiotics for Animals

Environmental Regulation and Food Safety

Food and Industrial Microbiology

Listeria Monocytogenes

Microbes for Legume Improvement


Microbiological Testing of Foods, Beverages, Drinking Water and Pharmaceuticals


Microorganism in Foods


Risk Characterisation of Microbiological Hazards in Food

Separation Processes In The Food & Biotechnology Industries – GRANDISON

Soil Microbiology Sustainable Crop Production

The Soybean – Botany, Production and Uses

An Evaluation of the role of microbiological criteria for food and food ingredients

Automation – Poultry And Meat Processing – Part — 1

Global Perspective – Poultry And Meat Processing – Part — 2

Structure & Muscle Physiology – Poultry And Meat Processing  –Part — 3

PRIMARY PROCESSING OF POULTRY –Poultry And Meat Processing  –Part 5

HACCP in Primary Processing-Poultry And Meat Processing  –Part – 6

Inspection and Grading- Poultry And Meat Processing Part– 7

Portioning, Deboning & Fresh meat Composition- Poultry And Meat Processing- Part- 9

Further Processing Equipment – Poultry And Meat Processing Part– 10

Heating Processing, Cooling & Preservation –Poultry And Meat Processing part– 11

HACCP in Cooked meat production – Poultry And Meat Processing Part- 12

Principles of Meat Processing – Poultry And Meat Processin Part– 13

Battering & Breading – Production under HACCP- Poultry And Meat Processing- 14

Microbiology & Sanitation – Poultry And Meat Processing part– 15

Evaluating Texture and Sensory Attributes- Poultry And Meat Processing–Part 16

Water Fat Binding & Colour -Poultry and meat processing Part– 17

Waste treatment and byproducts- Poultry And Meat Processing – Part–18

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