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Food microbiology questions

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  • What is food microbiology?
  • X-ray the roles of food microbiologists in food processing industries.
  • What is food preservation?
  • Outline the different methods employed in food preservation.
  • What is pasteurization and who discovered it?
  • Explain the term appertization as it pertains to food processing; and mention the discoverer of this important food technique.
  • What are the intrinsic factors that cause food spoilage?
  • What are the extrinsic factors that cause food spoilage?
  • Briefly describe food spoilage.
  • Briefly describe food borne diseases.
  • What is food intoxifications?
  • As a food microbiologist, explain in details how you will analyze a named food product for the presence of a named foodborne pathogen.
  • Enumerate 8 possible bacteria that can cause food borne disease in man.
  • Mention the causative agents of botulism, cryptosporidiosis and listeriosis.
  • Explain and differentiate between food intoxifications and food infection.
  • What is a psychrotolerant microorganism?
  • Enumerate the major attributes of a microorganism that make it an ideal coliform bacterium.
  • Enumerate the reasons for microbial food analysis.
  • Enumerate and briefly explain the different sources of microbial contamination of food and food products.
  • What are the causative agents of ergotism and botulism?
  • Define xerophiles and osmophiles.
  • What is the full meaning of the acronym “LAL”?
  • What are single cell proteins (SCPs)?
  • Enumerate the health benefits of SCPs.
  • What is an indicator organism?
  • What does “MPN” stand for?
  • Enumerate 5 possible indicator organisms that cause food contamination.
  • What is HTST?
  • What is HACCP?
  • Enumerate and briefly explain the seven (7) principles of HACCP.
  • Briefly describe the methods employed for the enumeration of indicator organisms in contaminated food or food products.
  • Enumerate the reasons for microbial food analysis.
  • Write short note o foodborne diseases/infections and state any 5 symptoms of such illnesses.
  • Succinctly explain how foodborne infections can be prevented.
  • Enumerate the reasons for microbial food analysis.

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