Differences Between Mitosis and Meiosis

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Table 1 illustrates some of the basic differences between meiosis and mitosis.


S/No Mitosis Meiosis
1. It occurs in the division of somatic or body cells. It occurs in gamete cells.
2. Mitosis does not introduce variation in the genetic makeup of an organism. Meiosis introduces variation in the genetic makeup of an organism.
3. It starts with the zygote after fertilization and continues throughout the life of the organism. It occurs only after the age of maturity especially during the formation of gamete cells.
4. No crossing over occurs during mitosis. Crossing over occurs during meiosis.
5. Chiasmata is not formed during mitosis. Chiasmata is formed during meiosis.
6. During mitosis, there is no association of homologous chromosomes. During meiosis, homologous chromosomes associate.
7. In mitosis, two daughter cells are usually formed in one cycle. In meiosis, four daughter cells are formed in one cycle.
8. One nuclear division and one cytoplasmic division occur per cycle during mitosis. Two cytoplasmic divisions and two nuclear divisions occur per cycle during meiosis.


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