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Biotechnology Questions

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  • Succinctly explain high-throughput techniques.
  • Mention and explain any five high-throughput techniques you know.
  • X-ray the term biotechnology.
  • Explain any five applications of biotechnology.
  • What do you understand by genetically modified organisms (GMOs)?
  • What is cell immobilization?
  • Microorganisms used for biotechnological applications must possess some characteristics. Mention any five of those feature.
  • Succinctly explain the term liposomes.
  • How does the coding region of a gene differ from the promoter region of a gene?
  • Give reasons why microorganisms are used for biotechnological applications.
  • Briefly explain the different methods of cell immobilization.
  • Define transgenic organisms and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).
  • Differentiate between bioluminescence and
  • What is reporter gene assay?
  • How do genetically modified organisms (GMOs) differ from transgenic organisms?
  • State the reasons why GMOs/GMMs are being developed across the globe.
  • Describe the significance of reporter gene assay in the diagnosis of infectious diseases.
  • What is a flow cytometer?
  • Briefly describe the three major components of the flow cytometer.
  • What is a cytogram?

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